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The Society of Hematologic Oncology (SOHO) was established as a non-profit corporation in 2012 with aims to promote worldwide research, education, prevention, clinical studies and optimal patient care in all aspects of hematologic malignancies and related disorders. Since that time, nearly 6,000 members from 110 countries have joined the society from around the globe.

SOHO is an international society designed specifically for clinicians, research scientists and related health care professionals who specialize in the research and treatment of patients with hematologic malignancies. SOHO’s mission is to expedite worldwide research and education through the exchange of scientific information. Organized by its founders and world class committees, SOHO is the only international society specific to this field.


SOHO is led by a Board of Directors with eight voting members. In addition, an outstanding group of clinician-scientists have been assembled to serve on the Steering Committee to provide guidance and direction in the continued development of SOHO.

Two additional committees, Scientific and Education, are responsible for abstract review and the scientific program of the annual meetings, respectively. A third committee, Publication, is responsible for identifying opportunities for publishing work derived from the Society's activities. In addition, members of the Publication Committee manage the publication of papers for the society's featured article series, "SOHO State of the Art and Next Questions." Members of these groups are listed on the 'Committees' webpage.


2023 SOHO Annual Meeting will be held on September 6 - 9, 2023 in Houston, Texas.

Details can be found on https://www.sohoonline.org/SOHO/SOHO/Meetings/Annual-Meeting.aspx?hkey=0ca01c02-a1db-4710-8678-2aad0d4c2289





The Society of Hematologic Oncology Italy  SOHO ITALY, is bringing together leading SOHO experts and top italian researchers in Acute LeukemiasMPDs and MDSs, aims to consolidate the Italian Hematology-SOHO partnership.

The aim of the association is the integration of the clinical-scientific activities of IRST Meldola and MD Anderson Cancer Center and the improvement of the clinical-therapeutic approach to patients with hematologic malignancies.

The 5th SOHO Italy Annual Conference will be held on October 3-6,2023 in Roma.

Details can be found on https://www.sohoitaly.com/2023/02/15/5th-soho-italy-annual-conference/

Click here for conference brochure.



An annual International Davidoff Conference has become a tradition for the past 6 years.

SOHO - The Society of Hematologic Oncology was established in 2012 by the MD Anderson Group. Since then, around 6,000 members from 110 countries have joined the society from around the globe.

SOHO’s mission is to expedite worldwide research and education by exchanging scientific information.

Prof. Hagop Kantarjian, chair of the Department of Leukemia at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Prof. Pia Raanani, the ambassador of SOHO to Israel, will launch this year a yearly SOHO – Israel meetings' program to be merged with the traditional annual Davidoff Conference, entitled: THE 1st SOHO – ISRAEL MEETING & THE 7th INTERNATIONAL DAVIDOFF CONFERENCE- STATE OF THE ART & NEXT QUESTIONS…

The conference is scheduled for May 3th – 5th,2023 with 2 Educational days at the ANU - Museum of the Jewish People Tel Aviv University, and 1 Round Tables discussions day at the Dan Hotel, Tel-Aviv.

Details can be found on https://www.davidoff-hematology.com/